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Dr Abimbola Alao

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My name is Abimbola Alao, a certified wellness coach, whose signature program Cell Narratives TM has been helping many people to overcome chronic issues. I am a certified (CST) Cognitive Stimulation Therapy and (EFT) Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner.


I am a researcher and author, based in the UK. In the last 10 years, my research has focused on the efficacy of psychosocial intervention in dementia care. My journey through battling with and healing osteoarthritis, enabled me to create s the creator of Cell Narratives TM. I have used this program in my wellness coaching and many people have benefited from it. Some of the testimonies are on this website and countless others are available in our whatsapp group because I don't have the permission to share them on the world wide web. My healing story is below.

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My Story: Healing Osteoarthritis 

About a decade ago, I was busy minding my business as a university lecturer, when I started having terrible pains in my hands – especially my fingers, and my feet. What started as insignificant pain that I could just manage with paracetamol escalated into severe pain which then began to spread down my thumbs to my wrists, and De Quervain tenosynovitis was added to the mix. Every morning, I woke up with excruciating pain, after nights of little or no sleep. Then the long journey of diagnosis, prognosis and despondency started. I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis and I asked for a second opinion. 


I was sent to have an Xray, which confirmed the diagnosis. I was told the bad news that it was degenerative and the only treatment I was given was ibuprofen! Things may have changed now and there may be better treatments for osteoarthritis. Whilst battling with excruciating pain that ibuprofen did nothing to help, I started having terrible insomnia. It got to a point when I would doze off in class while teaching and I had to leave work. I decided to focus on regaining my health. 


I enrolled on several holistic therapy training and gained knowledge on healthy lifestyles, so I made significant lifestyle changes. This helped me to overcome certain problems such as food allergies and insomnia, but none of these helped with my osteoarthritis! In fact at some point it got worse but I continued searching for help. The medical community said there was nothing they could do for me; I just have to manage the pain, but how? Ibuprofen did nothing for me. I joined several osteoarthritis groups online, but it was a ‘pity-party’ community. People had accepted their fate and they were all talking about managing pain. 

The issue was I DID NOT want to manage pain; I want to be healed. I know the body can heal itself, so why am I not experiencing it? You see, I firmly believe that the creator of the amazing, incomprehensible universe did not create my body so that it would fall apart at some age. There is infinite wisdom on how to find answers and healing and I was determined not to give up. Soon, I found the answer I was seeking. I followed this pattern and was totally healed of osteoarthritis. The most amazing miracle was the disappearance of the ugly Heberden’s nodes that had grown all over my fingers like claws.


I went back to teaching but only worked part time. The rest of the time, I worked as a holistic coach, teaching people how to heal, using a simple storytelling method that had helped me. One of the people that benefited from my coaching is a university professor of education, who had suffered from ulcerative colitis for over 20 years; she was totally healed and she told her story in a video that she asked me to place on my website so others could have hope. I worked with another university lecturer, who was found it difficult to get pregnant after years of being married. Now, she now has two sons and a daughter, in quick succession, after she was healed. A medical doctor, who had been ill and had several diagnoses for chronic conditions, had her breakthrough, after working with me for two months. You will read more of these testimonies and many more in this program. 


I created this program because it is humanly impossible to work with all the people who are registering for one on one coaching with me. It is a program that is easy to use, but it requires that you understand it and be dedicated to doing the work. Most of the people that I see in my coaching classes are people on the verge of giving up. They are people battling chronic issues that medical science may have no answers for. What I do is to give them hope that if they believe, all things are possible! 


In this program, you will find practical step by step information on how you can overcome the problem you’re battling with, but first you need to understand why storytelling could be the missing link in your healing journey and how to apply the knowledge.


I would also at this point reiterate that if you have any symptoms or medical issues, go to your doctor for diagnosis and treatment. This program does not replace your primary healthcare; it is not about diagnosis or treatment. It does not treat acute medical issues. It is a program that gives hope to people who have been told there is nothing else that can be done about their issues. It teaches how you can work with your body to heal. 

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