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Dementia Care Programs


BBC broadcaster, John Acres speaks Abimbola Alao about Frontotemporal Dementia,
who it affects and symptoms to look out for.

Storyweavers for Dementia

Our Storyweavers for Dementia Program is available for memory cafes, care homes and community centers. The workshops are fun and interactive storytelling, gently exercises and percussion music. The program is for anyone at any stage of dementia.

Schools Storytelling

Our aim is to bring fun and creativity to learning. For more than 20 years, we have provided educational programs for schools, workshops for the elderly in care homes and memory cafés, inset training for teachers and workshops for carers, storytellers and parents.


Our storytelling and storymaking workshops are interactive for all age groups.

Storytelling Workshop Devon 2.jpg

We provide inset training for teachers and workshop leaders in secondary schools, colleges and universities.

Inset Workshop For Teachers.jpg

Writing for Wellness

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“The natural healing force in each one of us is the greatest force in getting well.” ~ Hippocrates
I work with people who want to explore writing for emotional wellbeing. I also support them in examining the form or genre that they can use to express their thoughts as they develop their writing. 


Giving a Presentation

“No tribal Chief or Elder has ever handed out statistical reports, charts, graphs or lists of facts to explain where the group is headed or what it must do.”  Peg Neuhauser – Author and Business Consultant

What we do as human beings is tell stories; therefore, because organisations are run by humans, it is essential that they tap into this human nature and learn how to effectively engage with their workforce, partners, investors and funders. Our Business Storytelling Training explores the elements of narrative, which include: compelling plot, strategic telling to ensure the right story is told, theme, characterisation and essential skills to enhance your presentation and engage the people to whom you’re presenting. You will learn how to shift the focus from mere informing to connecting.


Make Your Event Memorable

Plymouth Lord Mayor's Leaving Service

I am available to help you create a memorable event at your conference or workshop. My engaging keynote speeches motivate, inspire and energise audiences. My core message is: 'All Things are Possible', and my passion is to spread this good news through the Oral Tradition of Storytelling.

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