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Children As Authors: Online Writing Course for Ages 8-11

Duration: 4 Weeks, including marked assignments.

This Course is Sold Out! 

Course started on July 29th 2019.

We will announce more courses later.

The aim of this course is to:

Introduce children to creative writing, which can provide them with a platform to share your stories widely and professionally.

Challenge them to think about starting their journey into mainstream writing and publishing.

Children Will Learn:

How to discover and hone their unique storytelling voices and how to write descriptively


  • Forms & Genres of Creative writing 

  • Characterisation: How to create believable and complex characters

  • Plot: Narrative Arc and story structure

  • Setting: How to give readers a realistic sense of time and place, because 'nothing happens NOWHERE!'

  • Editing and proofreading

Benefits of this course

  • By the time a child has thought of an idea, developed and crafted it into a story, a few things would have taken place: reading, organization and communication skills, vocabulary building and creative use of the imagination.

  • Writing also helps children to express themselves in a safe environment. In a world where many children still don’t have the opportunity to express their feelings, writing helps children to connect with their emotions, thus enhancing their mental health.

The course developers and tutors, Abimbola Alao and Malou Evans, are experienced educators, author and enthusiastic workshop leaders. They are knowledgeable in teaching and creating courses and modules in mainstream and higher education sectors in the UK.  

This Course is Sold Out! 

Course started on July 29th 2019.

We will announce more courses later.

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