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Perimenopause – the transition to menopause – should be a natural rite of passage for a woman. However, in our modern world full of toxins, where people have too much stress in their lives, eat unhealthily and live a sedentary lifestyle, women are increasingly experiencing harrowing symptoms. When you are plagued with hot flushes, mood swings, insomnia, panic attacks and pain, the world feels like a lonely wilderness.


DEAR TORIOLA LET’S TALK ABOUT PERIMENOPAUSE is an epistolary narrative of a woman’s battles with the problems associated with perimenopause and how she overcame them to be healed, healthy and happy. 


There are increasing number of young people in their early 20s being diagnosed with Premature Ovarian Insufficiency (POI). In 10% of women, certain underlying causes triggers POI; however, in a staggering 90% of ladies no underlying causes are found. Also, some women experience the symptoms of perimenopause as early as their mid-30s. This book enables women to gain knowledge about their bodies, know what triggers stress, and learn how to bring the body to homeostasis!


This book is beneficial for the following categories of women:

  • Ladies battling with symptoms of perimenopause/menopause (hot flushes, brain fog, anxiety, thinning hair and over 30 more symptoms), and don’t want to go on traditional HRT or Bioidentical hormone treatments.
  • Ladies who have been told by their doctors that they cannot have HRT, due to high risk of cancer, but they want to know how to successfully be symptoms free.
  • Women, ages 20 – 55.

Ebook: Dear Toriola, Let's Talk About Perimenopause

  • 'Dear Toriola... gives such intimate insight that anyone who reads it will be ready to travel with Wura on her journey to a healthy and happy life. Abimbola’s narrative is transformational. I believe readers will be eager to adopt the strategies for overcoming the problems associated with perimenopause'.
    Prof Lystra Hagley-Dickinson, Scholar and Literary Critique, UK


    'This book is a unique contribution to literature about perimenopause. The empowering holistic approach encourages women to be more proactive and hopeful about their health and wellbeing. Abimbola Alao’s fascinating epistolary style sends a deeply personal, yet accessible and relevant message to readers, concerning an often daunting time of women’s lives'.
    Dr Ronke Awe, Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist, UK.

  • Dr Abimbola Alao is a literary scholar and researcher, based in the UK. She is the author of 6 books and translator of 8 children's books. She has taught undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the UK, for 20 years. In the last 10 years, her research has focused on the efficacy of psychosocial intervention in dementia care.


    Abimbola has a wealth of experience as a Wellness Coach. She is a certified Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST) and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) practitioner; she also holds a Practitioner’s Diploma in Menopause Wellbeing from the Holistic and Wellness Course Academy in the UK. 


    Her personal perimenopause journey motivated her to become an expert in the field; she also developed the Perimenopause Workplace Training Program. Dr Abimbola raises awareness of perimenopause issues in workplaces, on radio shows and various communities around the world. 

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